Silver at Campaign Big Awards

Congratulations to Annex Films' Oscar Cariss and BBH for winning Silver in the Financial and Legal category at last night’s Campaign Big Awards with his series of spots for Barclays LifeSkills. 

LifeSkills is a free in-school and online educational programme created with Barclays, which teaches young people aged 11 to 19, the work, people and money skills they need to embark on the careers they want - ranging from how to write a CV to dressing appropriately for an interview.

With youth unemployment at all time high, the initiative aims to give young people the boost they need to close this gap. The campaign launched with nine TV ads which aired from 17th September - 7th December 2014.

The films didn’t really talk about the LifeSkills programme. Instead, they talked to young people around the country, with each one demonstrating a skill taught on the programme and asking anyone who could benefit from such a skill to sign up online.

Each film demonstrates a skill learnt during a LifeSkills workshop, brought to life by young people who have experienced the programme for themselves. They cover the small things probably taken for granted in a job interview like holding yourself correctly and taking time to breathe - which could be the difference between getting the job or not.

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