Jako shoots 'GO! in the Fast Lane' for Nokia X

Annex director Jako, best known for his acclaimed camera work on Bond films Skyfall and Casino Royal, Fast & Furious and Hercules to name a few, recently directed a fun, action-packed spot for Nokia X entitled ‘GO! in the Fast Lane’ through JWT London.

The spot showcases the various Android Apps available on Nokia X via a sledge race down residential streets with colourful sledges representing the various Apps.

The commercial was shot in the Muslim Bo Kaap district of Cape Town, historically a very tricky place to gain licences to shoot in. However Annex Films, together with our S.A production partners Velocity, managed to close three streets in the heart of Bo Kaap for five days of filming, bring in over 500 extras and 100 crew, build a snowy slope through the streets and design and build the handmade customisable ‘sledges’ for the race.

Due to the hard work and meticulous planning, we managed to gain both the trust and respect of the local residents. This symbiosis ensured that both Nokia and the community benefitted and resulted in a truly memorable film.

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